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At The Restaurant

Good evening sir and madam. Can I get you some drinks to start off?
Sure! I’d like some water; she would like some tea.
Alright. And have you decided what to order yet?
Yes, we have. I will take the steak, please.
Okay. How would you like that cooked, and what sides would you like?
I would like it medium rare, please. May I have corn and mashed potatoes with it?
Yes you may. And for the missus?
She’ll have the spaghetti, please.
Alright. Would you like garlic bread with that?
Yes, she would.
Alright, I’ll bring it in a moment.
Thank you!
Here is your steak, and here is your spaghetti. I hope you enjoy your meals!
Wow, this steak is really good. It’s tender and juicy.
Really? This spaghetti is okay. The sauce is a little too salty.
Oh, that’s too bad. How is your drink?
It’s really good. There’s the perfect amount of sugar in it.
That’s good. The mashed potatoes are a little dry.
Maybe they cooked them for too long.
Probably. How’s your garlic bread?
It’s delicious! It goes really well with the spaghetti.
That’s good. Waiter, may I have the check?
Sure; here it is.
Alright, here is my credit card.
Thank you, sir.
Hey honey, do you have change for a tip?
Yeah, I do. Here’s $8.
Perfect. We’re ready to go, then.
Thank you, sir and madam! Please come again soon!

Makeup, Lotions and Skin Care

I love makeup.
What’s your favorite brand?
I like Maybelline. What about you?
I prefer Mac.
I like Mac’s lipstick, it looks good on me.
What color do you use?
I like pink lipstick the best. What about you?
I like darker colors, like dark red. It also depends on my clothing.
Yeah, I like to change my makeup to match what I’m wearing.
Do you wear a lot of makeup?
Not really, unless it’s a special occasion. What about you?
Neither do I. I don’t want to damage my skin.
Well, I use a lot of skin care products too.
Oh, what kind of skin products do you use?
I use a facial wash and body lotion. How about you?
I use facial packs and sunscreen.
I don’t like sunscreen because I like to get tan.
It’s healthier for your skin to use it. I put it on every day.
I think my husband uses sunscreen.
That’s funny, men aren’t supposed to use makeup or skin care products.
Really? I think it’s okay for men to use makeup.
Interesting. What about plastic surgery?
Plastic surgery isn’t okay for anyone, including women!
Why not?
I think it looks unnatural.
I guess so, but so does makeup.
Not if you apply it correctly.
How do you apply your makeup?
I do a small amount of foundation, then I put on eyeliner, and I finish with lipstick.
You only do a small amount?
Yeah, I try to make it as natural as possible.
That’s nice. Natural beauty really is the best kind.
I agree!

Mind, Body, and Health

Wow, I love relaxing after a long day of work.
Me too! How do you like to relax?
I like to practice yoga.
You do yoga? That’s cool!
Yeah, I have a really nice instructor.
Do you know a lot of different moves?
Yeah, they feel really good, mentally and physically.
I bet. I like to meditate.
Oh really? How do you meditate?
I light candles and close my eyes.
That sounds really peaceful.
It sure is. It’s a great way to escape from stress.
Life can be pretty stressful.
I agree. Everything is more fast-paced in recent years.
Yeah, that’s why it’s nice to relax yourself.
Doing physical exercises like yoga really relaxes the mind, too.
It does. The mind and body are connected in everything.
When I feel good physically, I tend to be in a better mood.
Me too! I hate getting stressed out.
Same. I get really tired and my body aches.
I usually have trouble sleeping when I’m stressed.
Is it because you’re not tired?
No, I just feel really upset and nervous, and it keeps me from sleeping.
Wow, that sounds awful.
It is. It’s a good thing I know how to relax!
Yeah! I like helping other people relax, too.
That’s nice. How do you do that?
A lot of times, people just need to talk about their stress.
That’s true. So you listen to them?
Yes, and I give them advice sometimes too.
That sounds really helpful.
I like to think so, but stress can even be helpful sometimes.
It sure doesn’t seem like it.
I think it helps motivate people.
I agree, as long as you’re not getting too stressed out!
Yeah, that’s when you have to relax a bit.
I think I want to go do some relaxing right now.
Cool, I’ll come with you!


I miss my home country.
So do i. Why did you immigrate here?
I wanted better opportunities to provide for myself and for my family. What about you?
I’m the same. Do you think immigration is a good thing?
I do! I think it helps both the immigrant and the country.
How so?
The country becomes more diverse. The immigrant has new opportunities.
Some people think immigration is bad.
Yeah, I know. I don’t understand why.
Well, I think that too many immigrants can be dangerous.
Yeah, there should be a limit on immigrants to countries.
That might be harsh on them.
Maybe, but for the most part, immigrants are treated pretty well.
Yeah, this country treats its immigrants well.
I’m glad that this country lets immigrants retain their culture.
Me too. Learning a new language is hard, though.
Yeah, sometimes I wish I didn’t have to learn English.
Oh well. At least immigrants get rights.
That’s true. Do you think immigrants should get all the rights that native-born citizens get?
I think so. What about you?
I don’t think so. That’s not fair to the native-born citizens.
There shouldn’t be a difference as long as the immigrant is legal.
Yeah, illegal immigration can be a big problem.
What can countries do about illegal immigrants?
I think they should be given opportunities to become legal.
Should they be kicked out?
If they want to become a citizen, no.
Sometimes it’s hard to become a citizen.
It can be. It’s also hard to become a part of the new culture.
Yeah. It’s good to have a mix of your culture and your new country’s culture.
I agree.
Sometimes I think immigration rules are too strict.
I don’t think they are.
Why not?
They should be strict because a country can’t handle too many immigrants.
That does make sense. Immigration is wonderful thing, though!
Yes it is.

Dogs and Cats

So, I was thinking of getting a pet.
Have you ever had a pet before?
No, I haven’t.
what kind of pet do you want.
I’m not sure. I want either a dog or a cat.
Which do you like better?
Well, I really like cats but dogs are easier to train.
That’s true. But cats can wash themselves, and are very independent.
Yeah, dogs are usually pretty dependant.
Certain breeds are smarter than others.
Really? Like what?
Well, I think Pugs are really intelligent.
Do you have a pet Pug dog?
Yes, I do. He’s really smart, but also timid.
He sounds cute! Does he have a dog house?
Yeah, I built it myself.
Really? How did you do that?
I bought a doghouse building kit. It’s wooden.
That’s pretty cool.
Do you know if you want a dog or a cat yet?
I’m still not sure.
I think you should get a cat.
Okay, what kind of cat should I get?
There are a lot of different breeds of cat.
My favorite breed is the Calico.
You should get a Calico cat!
Okay! Sounds good.

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