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Looking for an Apartment

Hey, how’s it going?
Pretty good. What are you up to today?
I’m looking for an apartment.
Do you want a small apartment or a large one?
I am hoping to find a 2 bedroom apartment.
Have you been looking in the newspaper for ads?
Yes and I have the phone number of a realtor who said he could help me find a place.
Where in town are you hoping to find an apartment?
As long as it’s affordable and close enough to where I work for me to ride my bicycle or walk, I’m really not particular.
Don’t you have a dog?
Yes, I do.
That may make the search more difficult.
I know. A lot of places I’ve looked into don’t allow pets.
My friend Dave has two small dogs in his apartment. I’ll ask him if his building has any vacancies.
I would appreciate that. Let me know what he says.
Sure thing.
What will you do if you can’t find an apartment to rent that allows dogs?
I may look into buying a small apartment that does allow dogs.
Have you got enough saved for a down payment?
I have a good portion saved and if that’s not enough, I can get a small loan from the bank.
I hope you’re able to find something soon.
Me too. I have appointments over the next couple days to see half a dozen apartments.
Let me know how it goes. When you choose one, I’ll help you move in.
I will and thanks. I’ll order pizza for moving in day.
Sounds good. I love pizza.


You are a farmer?
Yes. I am.
Me too.
What kind of crops do you grow?
I grow corn. What crops do you grow?
I grow wheat and barley.
How many acres of land do you have?
My farm is 120 acres.
Wow, that is a big farm.
It takes a lot of work.
I have 50 acres of corn.
Corn is a good crop to grow.
It has worked well for me.
What kind of tractor do you have?
I have a John Deere tractor.
That is a good tractor.
Will you be harvesting soon?
No. I won’t harvest until September.
Me neither.
Last year, our crops froze.
That’s terrible!
It was terrible.
Did you cover the plants up?
Last year we didn’t but this year we did.
That is smart thinking.
From now on, I will always cover my crops so that they do not freeze.

Green energy

I’m glad that our company is starting to be more eco-friendly
Me too.
We have started to recycle plastic bottles and aluminum cans.
My family has started to bring our own bag to the grocery store instead of using plastic bags.
That is a great way to consume less.
What else are people you know doing to “go green”?
My neighbor bought a hybrid car.
The kind that runs on electricity?
Yes. He gets great gas mileage.
One of my co-workers has a car that runs on natural gas.
Oh. I heard that is a lot less expensive.
Yes. He saves a lot of money.
Our company just funded a project to build two windmills.

Yes. We will also have a field of solar panels to power our headquarters
My uncle put a big solar panel on the roof of his house.
That is an interesting idea.
It is hardly noticeable and it saves him money on the electric bill.

In The Kitchen

Want to help with the baking?
Sure. What are we making?
Let’s make cinnamon rolls.
I love cinnamon rolls. I’ve never made them before.
It’s easy. I have my grandmother’s recipe.
What ingredients do we need?
Let me check the recipe. Let’s see, for the dough we need flour, butter, milk, salt, eggs, sugar, yeast and water.
Ok, I’ve got the ingredients on the table. Now what?
Mix up the sugar, butter and salt in a mixing bowl while I heat up the milk. Then we’ll mix it together.
Got it.
Ok, now when that is all combined, we add the butter and let it melt in. Then we can add the eggs and yeast.
Then the flour?
Yeah. Add enough flour to make a soft dough. Then we let it rise, work it down to get any air bubbles out of the dough then let it rise again.
That’ll be a little while yet.
True. After the dough has risen again, we can roll it out and get ready to add the next ingredients.
What other ingredients do we need?
We need melted butter, brown sugar, white sugar and cinnamon.
I have the dough rolled out.
That looks good. Now you can carefully pour the melted butter over it. Make sure you cover all the dough.
What if it spills onto the table?
Don’t worry about it. We can clean it up later.
When you have that done, spread a layer of brown sugar over the dough.
This much?
Go ahead and put more on. Cover the dough thoroughly.
Ok, that’s done.
Now you can sprinkle the white sugar over top of the brown sugar and then sprinkle on the cinnamon.
Done. Now what?
Now we roll the dough up, cut it into slices, let it rise a bit and bake the cinnamon rolls for 30 to 40 minutes.

Telephone Conversation

Hi Kelly, it’s Sam.
Hi Sam, how are you doing?
Great. I just got back from a concert. It was so much fun!
That’s cool. What band did you go see?
It was a co-headlining show between My Chemical Romance and The Used. A newer band called Drive A opened for them. It was pretty amazing.
That sounds like so much fun!
It was. The music was great and I got some neat souveniers while I was there.
Oh yeah?
I got a setlist and a couple picks from one of the guys in Drive A and they all signed my CD. A couple of the guys from My Chemical Romance signed my ticket, too.
They are all really nice guys. But you know the best part?
After the show was over, I went to get some food and ran into the singer from The Used and got to buy him a drink. We talked for a while and he thanked me for coming to the show. It was so exciting!
I would have loved to have seen that.
I got pictures of me with a bunch of the guys in the bands. I’ll show them to you next time I see you.
That would be great.
I’ll bring my Drive A cd with me so you can listen to it. I think you’ll really like them.
Cool. I’m always looking for new music. Is Drive A similar to My Chemical Romance and The Used?
They are more punk rock. But they are very high energy and their songs are very catchy.
Oh good. I can listen to them when I’m running on my treadmill.
Yeah, it’s great music for working out.
Well, I can’t wait to listen to them. Are you busy this weekend? You could stop by then.
I don’t think I have anything important going on. I’ll probably stop by Saturday afternoon.
Ok, that sound good. See you then.
Talk to you later.

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