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New Year’s Day

Hey Mark.
Hey Julie.
How’s it going?
Pretty well, you?
Not too bad. I’m just deciding what I want to do for New Year’s.
Oh yeah?
Yeah, I can either go to my friend’s party or go to Times Square.
That’s cool. I’ve heard mixed things about Times Square on New Year’s.
What have you heard?
One of my good friends had a terrible time.
Really? How come?
He said it was too crowded and people were too rowdy.
Interesting. But you heard some good things too?
Yeah, another friend of mine had a great time being one of those rowdy people.
That’s funny. I’ll have to make an educated decision.
Honestly, I think just getting together with friends is the best celebration.
Yeah, that’s true. What are you doing?
Having a few friends over my house.
Oh, that sounds nice.
Yeah, it should be fun. Did you make any New Year’s resolutions?
I haven’t thought of any yet. What about you?
I’m going to try to give up red meat.
For health reasons?
Yeah, it’s a small thing I can do for my body.
That’s cool. Well hey, I have to go call my friend.
Alright, I’ll see you in a little while.
If I don’t see you before the new year, then happy New Year’s!
Happy New Year’s to you, too!

Listening to music

Want to listen to some music?
Why don’t you pick something? I have a lot of new CDs on my desk.
I haven’t heard of some of these bands. What kind of music do they play?
Smoking Hearts is a rock band from England, Neon Trees is kind of dance or light rock, Cobra Starship is dance pop. I have country, dance, ska, punk, rock, oldies. I have Elvis if you like him.
I didn’t know you like old music like Elvis.
I listened to a lot of my parent’s music when I was younger. The Eagles, Fats Domino, Buddy Holly, The Beach Boys, The Beatles. I have a lot of their music.
Do you have any Alkaline Trio?
I have one of their albums around here somewhere. I have a friend who loves them and goes to their concerts all the time. She sent me one of their CDs.
That was nice of her.
Oh here it is. Let’s listen to it.
Ok. I don’t have this album.
I really like it. It’s a little different than their other albums.
I think I’ll have to buy this to add to my collection.
That’s cool.
Tim Armstrong? Who is he?
That’s his solo reggae album.Well, ska reggae sort of. He’s the lead singer of Rancid. He used to be in Operation Ivy when he was much younger.
We should listen to this one next.
OK. I think you’d like Neon Trees. The woman who plays drums is really impressive, she sings vocals as well.
That’s not something you see every day.
No, it’s not. Their music is really catchy.
That’s neat. I like it when a band has music that’s fun to listen to.
I’ve watched some of their live recordings on their website. They sound really good live. Some bands don’t sound as good live as they do in the studio.
Yeah, I know of a few bands like that. It’s kind of disappointing when they aren’t as good in person.
You won’t be disappointed with Neon Trees. You can borrow the CD if you want.
Really? Thanks.

Valentine’s Day

Hi there.
How are you?
I’m great. How are you?
Pretty good.
Good. What have you been up to lately?
Just spending a lot of time with my girlfriend.
Oh, nice. Do you two have big plans for Valentine’s Day?
Yeah, I’m taking her out to dinner at a nice restaurant.
She’ll love that.
I hope so. I want to do something else special for her, too.
Like what?
I don’t know. Do you have any romantic ideas?
Hmm. You could always write her a poem.
That’s a great idea!
Yeah, I did that for my girlfriend a few years ago and she still has it.
That’s much better than a piece of jewelry that might break or get lost.
So what are you doing with your girlfriend this Valentine’s Day?
I’m taking her to see a show in the city.
Oh, that will be fun.
Yeah, I’m excited and so is she.
Well, I hope it goes well. I have to run.
Thanks. The same to you.
See you later.

In the hair salon

Hi. Nice to see you
How have you been?
I’m good. I’m getting my hair cut today.
Your hair is very long. Are you getting it cut short?
Not really short. I think shoulder length.
That would look good on you.
Are you getting your hair cut too?
Not today. My friend is getting married so I’m just getting my hair colored and styled.
What color are you getting your hair dyed?
A light brown with red highlights.
I can’t wait to see how it turns out. How will it be styled?
The front will be French braided with curls in the back.
That sounds lovely.
I will take pictures when the hairdresser is done.
Did you know they also do manicures here? I have an appointment next week to get my nails done.
I didn’t know that.
You should come with me. We could have lunch afterward.
That sounds like fun.
The ladies here are great. They do wonderful nail art.
I remember when you had butterflies on your fingernails. Did you get that done here?
Yes I did. This is my favorite salon.
I will have to come here more often.
Oh, it’s my turn now. Talk to you later.
Ok. Give me a call in a couple of days.
I will. Have fun at the wedding.


Your garden looks great.
Thanks. The weather has been good this year.
What all are you growing?
Some flowers but mostly vegetables. I have planted carrots, lettuce, beans, radishes, tomatoes, zuchini and cucumbers.
Those sound good. You can make fresh salad all summer.
That’s the plan. I enjoy fresh salad.
That flower is pretty. What kind is it?
That is a bleeding heart.
Do you have a lot of trouble with ants?
The ants aren’t too bad but there are a lot of spiders.
At least the spiders eat the other bugs.
Yeah. Last year I had a lot of trouble with aphids.
Are you going to enter any of your flowers or vegetables in the fair?
I don’t know. Do you think I should?
Well, your zucchini is pretty big. I think you could win a ribbon.
Maybe I willl try. It might be fun. Would you like some vegetables to take home with you?
That would be nice, thanks.
No problem. Why don’t you go pick some of the tomatoes and I will get you some carrots. Would you like some cucumbers as well?
No, thanks. I don’t care for cucumbers.
I’m going to use the small cucumbers to make pickles this fall if you want any.
I like dill pickles and sweet pickles.
I should have enough to make plenty of both kinds.
If you want any help with the garden, let me know.
OK. Thanks for the offer.
Any time. Thanks again for the vegetables.
You’re welcome.

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