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Job Interview

Hello. Are you Mr. Johnson?
Yes. I am.
Nice to meet you I am Mr. Smith. I will be interviewing you today.
Good. It’s nice to meet you as well.
Thank you. Please have a seat in my office.
Thank you.
Mr. Johnson, tell me a little about yourself.
I am 32 years old, I was working at the steel plant until they shut it down last month and now I am looking for a job.
Tell me about your experience at the steel plant.
I was a team leader. I was always on time and my supervisor said I was one of his best workers.
Very impressive! Mr. Johnson, What are three words that describe you?
I would say…Responsible, Hard-working, and Smart.
Very good. What makes you the best candidate for this job?
Well, I am a very hard worker and I would be able to learn the tasks quickly.
Okay then. Thank you for coming. Do you have any questions for me?
Yes. I was wondering what my schedule would be if I got the job?
That’s a good question. You would work from Nine until Five, Monday through Friday. Does that work for you?
Yes. That works very well for me.
Do you have any other questions?
No, I believe that is all.
OK Mr. Johnson. It was a pleasure to meet you and we will let you know if you got the job by Thursday.
Thank you for your time Mr. Smith.
You’re welcome. Have a good day.

Getting a Credit Card

Good morning, I would like to apply for a credit card.
Wonderful! Please have a seat. Which credit card interested you the most?
I wanted to apply for a Mastercard please.
Alright, we can get started on the application. Are you currently working?
Why do you need to know if I am working?
The bank needs to know that you will be able to pay back your credit card.
Ok, I understand now. Yes I do have a job.
How long have you worked at your job?
I have been working with this company for two years.
And what is your gross monthly income?
I make $2500 a month before taxes.
Do you rent or own your home?
I rent an apartment.
What is the amount you pay for rent every month?
I pay $800 a month in rent.
Now I am going to check your credit report to find your credit score.
Why is my credit score important?
We use your credit score to determine how reliable you have been in the past.
Oh, so you want to know if I am good about paying my debts.
Exactly, and it looks like you have a credit score of 700.
Is that good enough to get a Mastercard today?
Yes, and because your score is high, we can also give you a low interest rate.
How will the interest rate affect my credit card?
The lower your interest rate, the less you will have to pay back the bank.
Very good! Is there anything else for me to do?
Just sign this form and you will receive your Mastercard in the mail in a few days.


I need a part-time job.
You should think about freelancing.
What is that?
Freelancing is a way to make money with your skills without committing to one employer.
What skills are required?
Many freelancers use their writing skills to complete jobs.
I like to write.
You can use your writing skills for different companies.
What would they want me to write about?
It would depend on the company.
Can you give me an example?
I did a freelancing job for an online store that wanted an advertisement for a specific product.
How much do you get paid?
Each company will pay you differently.
How much money did you make for the advertisement?
I made $7.50 for that specific job.
That is not a lot of money.
Many freelancing jobs will pay by the word.
So the more you write, the more you will be paid?
Yes, but many companies will also put a limit on how many words they want for an article.
That does not seem like a good way to make money.
It is a good part-time job because you can work in your spare time.
I would want to freelance for more money.
The more jobs you take, the more money you can make.
Is there a limit on how many jobs you can take?
You can take as many jobs as you like as long as you have the time to finish them.
I will look into it and see if it is a good way for me to make extra money.

Paying Taxes

Welcome to Jackson Hewitt, how may I help you today?
I need someone to help me with my income taxes.
Then you have come to the right place. Do you have your W2 with you?
I have two of them, one from each job.
Ok, if I can just see those I can get started on your taxes.
This is the first year I have filed taxes, can you tell me a little about it?
Well, with any job that you work, some of your income is taken out of every paycheck.
That is the Federal and State that I see on my checks, right?
Correct. Every job will take money out for Federal taxes, but not every state withholds state taxes.
But if I have already paid taxes by having them taken out of my check, why do I need to do it again?
At the end of every year, you need to file taxes to see if you paid too much or too little.
What happens if I paid too much?
Then you would get a refund from the IRS for the amount that you overpaid.
So if I did not pay enough, then I would have to pay the difference back to the IRS?
That is right. Now, do you have any dependents?
No. Does that make a big difference?
Many times you can receive a credit for each dependent you have.
And a credit would mean either paying back less or getting a bigger refund, right?
Exactly. Are you going to school?
Yes, I go to school part time.
Do you pay for all of your school expenses or do you have federal aid?
I pay for my own tuition and books.
It looks like you will be able to get a refund of about $1000 from your federal taxes, but you will have to pay $200 into your state taxes.
So after I pay my state taxes, I will $800 left over?
That is what it looks like when I fill out the paperwork.
Very good! Thank you for your help.

Being Unemployed

I need to find a new job.
What happened to your job?
The company had to let me go.
Did you do something wrong?
No, they were not making enough money to pay all of their employees.
How long have you been unemployed?
I have not had a job for almost a month.
How are you paying your bills?
My husband has a job and I receive unemployment benefits.
Is that enough to pay all of your bills every month.
No, we are falling behind.
Have you tried to find another job yet?
Yes, I have been looking every day.
What kind of job are you trying to find?
I am looking for one that is similar to my old job.
Are there a lot of employers like that around here?
No, I have not found very many.
Maybe you should look into something different.
I only like performing the job that I had before.
But if there are no employers in that field, you will not find employment.
You’re right. I will start looking at other opportunities.
Any job that you can find will make you more money than your unemployment benefits.
My unemployment benefits help but they are not enough to pay everything.
Would you like my help looking for a job?
Yes, it would be very nice if you would help me.

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