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I need a part-time job.
You should think about freelancing.
What is that?
Freelancing is a way to make money with your skills without committing to one employer.
What skills are required?
Many freelancers use their writing skills to complete jobs.
I like to write.
You can use your writing skills for different companies.
What would they want me to write about?
It would depend on the company.
Can you give me an example?
I did a freelancing job for an online store that wanted an advertisement for a specific product.
How much do you get paid?
Each company will pay you differently.
How much money did you make for the advertisement?
I made $7.50 for that specific job.
That is not a lot of money.
Many freelancing jobs will pay by the word.
So the more you write, the more you will be paid?
Yes, but many companies will also put a limit on how many words they want for an article.
That does not seem like a good way to make money.
It is a good part-time job because you can work in your spare time.
I would want to freelance for more money.
The more jobs you take, the more money you can make.
Is there a limit on how many jobs you can take?
You can take as many jobs as you like as long as you have the time to finish them.
I will look into it and see if it is a good way for me to make extra money.

Being Unemployed

I need to find a new job.
What happened to your job?
The company had to let me go.
Did you do something wrong?
No, they were not making enough money to pay all of their employees.
How long have you been unemployed?
I have not had a job for almost a month.
How are you paying your bills?
My husband has a job and I receive unemployment benefits.
Is that enough to pay all of your bills every month.
No, we are falling behind.
Have you tried to find another job yet?
Yes, I have been looking every day.
What kind of job are you trying to find?
I am looking for one that is similar to my old job.
Are there a lot of employers like that around here?
No, I have not found very many.
Maybe you should look into something different.
I only like performing the job that I had before.
But if there are no employers in that field, you will not find employment.
You’re right. I will start looking at other opportunities.
Any job that you can find will make you more money than your unemployment benefits.
My unemployment benefits help but they are not enough to pay everything.
Would you like my help looking for a job?
Yes, it would be very nice if you would help me.

Being Employed

Where have you been for the last week?
I started a new job.
Where are you working?
I am a cashier at the grocery store.
Why did you get a job?
I needed to make money to pay my bills.
Do you miss having your free time?
Yes but being employed is more important.
What bills do you have to pay?
I have to pay for rent, electricity, and water.
Will you make enough money at your job to pay your bills now?
Yes, I make $8.00 an hour.
How many hours a week do you work?
I work forty hours every week.
Are there any other reasons to work other than paying bills?
My job also provides health insurance.
What does health insurance do for you?
Having health insurance means that I don’t pay as much for seeing a doctor.
What if you need medicine?
My health insurance will also pay for many medicines.
There are many benefits to being employed.
I can also make more money if I stay at my job and do well for a year.
How much more money would you make?
If I stay there for a year and do a good job, I will make $9.00 an hour.
That’s a good reason to stay and work hard.
They need another person to work, would you like to fill out an application?
I will stop by tomorrow.

Human Resources

Thank you for meeting with me today Mr. Adams.
It is my pleasure.
I’m guessing you know what our meeting is about?
To be honest, I’m not quite certain.
Well, the HR department is discussing benefits with each individual employee.
I understand. Well, let’s get started.
Okay, Let’s talk about your insurance.
The company pays for my health insurance but I pay for dental insurance myself.
Yes, unfortunately our company does not have a dental plan.
Will that change anytime soon?
We are working on adding more benefits for our employees.
Well, a dental plan would be nice.
I will take that into consideration.
Thank you.
Now let’s discuss your 401k.
My retirement fund?
Yes. The company will match the money you contribute up to 6% of your salary.
I think right now I am only contributing 4%.
It says here that you are contributing 4% to your 401k.
Can I increase that?
Yes you can. You will need to fill out a request form in order to do that.
Where can I get the form?
I can print one off for you.
Thanks. I’d appreciate that.
You’re welcome. Do you have any questions about your benefits?
No. Just keep me posted about the dental plan.
I will.

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