In this rapidly changing world, the best way to get ahead in any career is to learn a new language. Learning a new language traditionally took years to do, but recent leaps and bounds in teaching studies have found a more effective way to learn a new language. Immersion, along with studying common conversations can help a person learn a language rapidly.

With English, this rule can help new immigrants, businessmen, and students get accustomed to the language with ease. As one of the most spoken languages in the world, English is an excellent choice for those who want to advance their careers, study abroad, or move to a new country. Our site allows users to watch over 100 videos which have short, everyday conversations in English by English speakers.

For businessmen who need to sharpen their English skills, we create a separate course consisting of 50 videos that cover common business topics. This specialized set of videos are a must for anyone traveling abroad on business purposes, and are available at a very reasonable price.

When students hear English being spoken, they will be more capable of hearing separate words and understanding phrases. Learning English through hearing and trying to comprehend different phrases has been proven to improve vocabulary retention at a faster rate than regular schoolwork. Our videos also can be used as an extra to an English class or by individual students who want extra help in their studies.

Our site offers a wide variety of video conversation topics. Some of the more popular titles that we have include Politics, the Taxi, the Bus Stop, Computers, Clothing, and Learning A Foreign Language. Covering everything from the mundane to the esoteric, our videos are free of charge for all to use. Best of all, our quality English instruction comes with experience. Our group has been teaching English online since 2008. So, what are you waiting for? Start learning the English language today!